sport massage

Toning, refining and regenerating

Dedicated to you sportsman (runner, cyclist or skier) who loves to challenge yourself in increasingly hard and challenging trials. Depending on the degree of fatigue and the condition of your muscles, I will proceed with light and then greater steps to give you the benefit and to oxygenate them to the best by eliminating lactic acid accumulation. And then, after so much effort, a little deserved rest!

It is specific for the agonistic activities in which you can have big stresses on the muscles, tendons and joints.

Pre-race or preparation for the athletic gesture (with elasticizing and vascularising manuals);

Post-race that aims to maximize physical recovery after muscular effort with drained, refractive and muscular action;

Infra-racing that utilizes the pre-race and post-race massage handicap based on the athlete's and sports's physiological characteristics.


Indications and Benefits:

• eduction of muscle tension;
• decreased plasma levels of cortisol and serotonin resulting in reduced anxiety and mood improvement; This decrease is associated with an increase in circulating endorphins resulting in inhibition of painful sensation;
• reduction of heart rate and blood pressure;
• stimulation of local microcirculation;
• Drainage effect coupled with accelerated removal of lactic acid and metabolic waste produced during sports;
• Decongestion and relaxation of the tissues, coupled with accelerated healing from muscular contractures;
• Accident prevention;
• Muscle training for physical activity.