From West to East… Let’s discover the world of…. SHIATSU


A bit of history….

Shiatsu developed in the XXth century in Japan. Shi means “fingers” and atsu means “pressure”. It consists of pressures with thumbs, hands, elbows and knees on specific tracks and spots, together with stretching and joint mobilisation techniques. The aim is to activate the free circulation of Qi, the vital energy. Chinese medicine works on the idea that all physical and psychological problems derives from a Qi distortion. Keeping its circulation well-balanced in the meridians improves people’s wellness and consequently their health.

The treatment is done with clothes on, lying on the futon, without creams or oils. Duration: around 60/75 minutes.

Shiatsu on ergonomic chair (30 minutes)

hat’s an easy, quick and effective solution for who has little time.
Easy because it can be done wherever, there’s no need for big spaces, it can be practiced in the office, at coffee break, during meetings and events, at gym or in whatever other situation. Clothes mustn’t be taken off and no creams or oils are used.
Effective: the parts treated are those like c-spine, shoulders, back, tailbone, arms, head and hands where stress is accumulated. The receiver will feel a better energy circulation, easily relaxed and recharged, ready to start working less tense and more motivated.