who i am

It’s time to introduce myself. My name is Simona. And in the end I’ve got onto the web.
It took me a long time before astral connections could convince me to.
But this year I couldn’t resist and so here I am!

I’ve been working in the holistic field for 12 years now.
Over the past years I’ve been through several very different working experiences: they have enriched me and now enable me to work in a more complete way and bring all the knowledge acquired also into this environment.
Everything began with a course of Californian massage, then with another one on hot stones and afterwards I never stopped. It came then the time for shiatsu... At the beginning I wasn’t enthusiastic about it: I had started to attend a preparatory course that I had soon given up because I didn’t felt involved. I felt it was something “static” and at that time I needed more movement and energy.

But in 2012, during an event in Lugano, I got treated. The feelings I immediately had told me that that was the new way to go. Et voilà… in September I started a three-years’ course and in 2015 I got the diploma as Shiatsu operator at the HAKUSHA school in Varese.

Shiatsu moves in-depth energies. You can work on the emotional level in order to get to the physical one and vice versa.
“Small” problems like C-spine or headaches can be solved as well as more complex situations.... always respecting the wellness of the patient and after medical consultation.

It must be underlined that holistic treatments aren’t either medical therapies or physiotherapies. They are treatments aiming at a new energetic balance of the body and won’t be done in case of conditions not appropriate or not fitting the health of the receiver.

I feel I’m really lucky because I love what I do. During the massage empathy and an energetic exchange with the receiver spring naturally and go beyond words.

Only through this path I have realized that my sensitivity wasn’t a limit but a potentiality and I’m glad to have the chance to share it every day.

Have a nice navigation and feel inspired!

I deeply thank Francesca Valsesia for the site creation, Riccardo Criseo for the pictures,
Veronica and Paolo who have accepted to be my models.