Relax Treatment (1 hour)

Body and mind relax

The deep and enveloping passages will bring your mind towards far-away worlds… Tissues and muscles get toned and more oxygenated. Lymphatic circulation will strongly benefit. The organism will improve its purification.

Californian Massage (1 hour)

Regenerating and enveloping

You’ll be involved in fluid, circular and long movements which will give you an extraordinary feeling of wellness and calm. You’ll feel your vital energies rejuvenate and this pleasant feeling will last during the massage and over.

Hot Stone Therapy (1 hour)

It dissolves muscle stiffness, improves joint mobility and relieves tension in the spine.

During this treatment you’ll get the benefits of the warmth of Lava stones which will be placed on your main chakras enabling vasodilation and granting an overwhelming feeling of relaxation.

Bio-energetical Treatment (45 minutes)


This is a very soft treatment. I’ll be working on the 12 energetic meridians with circular clockwise and anti-clockwise light touches with the palms of the hands and fingertips. It will be like doing an energetic refuelling and you’ll feel a pleasant physical and mental lightness.

Lomi Lomi (1 hour)

Between dream and reality

It’s part of the tradition of the shamans of Hawaii Islands who used it as a healing ritual. It consists of long and soft passages done with forearms. You’ll feel like being embraced by sea waves.

Haemolymphatic Massage

Promotes lymphatic and blood circulation

It’s suggested to people who have slow blood and lymphatic circulation. I’ll do several manoeuvres, like rubbing, pressures, frictions and kneading according to standard protocols. Liquids draining will make your legs feel pleasantly lighter.